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What I Do

Create, Produce, Deliver unforgettable learning experiences

Taking Notes
Professional Microphone with Pop Filter
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Biz Tools, Tips, Tricks, & Confessions


The Entrepreneurial Mind

of an HVACR Person


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Shooting video
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Cinema Seats
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Stand Up - Key Note ~ Story Telling ~


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Does Golf Drive You Mental?

Then GET The Mental Game!

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What Our Clients Say


Stand IN for, Director of R&D, Major Domestic Furnace & AC Manufacturer Located in Barrie, Ontario March, 2022

Spring 2022, we brought Dave in to perform a morning and afternoon theory workshop followed by practical hands-on demonstrations for our "technical brazing teams", operations, and R&D staff to assist us in meeting provincial standards. I heard great things about him, his technique, his eduTaining step x step brazing video he left for us to reference, and proof that we need to discuss or change a few things in our outsourced vendor selection process, literally saving us millions in averting a potential re-call. Thank you!
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