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Archer EduTainment
we create unforgettable learning experiences
Content for the HVACR Markets

we're under renovations, nothing is really functional as of yet, running tests, adding content...
September 15, 2022 is the unveiling

I offer a different approach to technical learning, and to making money.

And... apparently it works.


To meet today's HVACR Global Warming Reduction Strategies

at a time convenient to you, 24/7, anywhere you have internet access,

you have access to an EduTaining take on learning HVACR basics as well

some unique revenue generating solutions for you, and your organization.


Here are some sample opinion's from people I've worked with;

(as their Apprenticeship, Diploma, Degree Program Professor,

or as a Private Trainer, Creative Ad Content provider)

"He's the best".

"He's one of the best".

"Yeah... different in a refreshing way"

"He makes me money."

"Simple! He earned my trust"

Great ideas, loved his Vintage Coolers idea... loved the end results!

His Ad's attract attention.



I'm not for everyone.

I am for the inquisitive person who want's to learn and earn more than they have too!

(open minded, good attitude, able)

Choosing Archer EduTainment is a wise choice.


Wide Range of Video Classes 

Unique & Simple Approach

Industry Experienced & Professional Professor


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Most Recently Uploaded Shorts

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About Us

Us? "Us" is me.

I create, write, produce my own unique brand of digital learning - advertising content productions designed specifically for use by people and companies in the HVACR industry.

Yeah, I know... We should have a category at the annual OSCAR's.

From providing assistance for your educational to making money needs, "we" will do what we said we'll do, or you don't have to pay! *

(*we're just joking, you of course have to pay... deposits, partial and progress dates are met)


Archer 'ism's...

Be impeccable with your word...

or at least know someone who is

Be  honest with yourself...


Mean What You Say,

Say What You Mean,

Just Don't Say It...

In A Mean Way.


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