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Golfer with a golf cart
Golfer with a golf cart

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Just as it is difficult to keep all physical skills sharp all the time, it is equally difficult to keep all mental skills sharp all the time too.

The good news is that once you have developed the techniques for enhancing a skill, monitoring and correcting it will be much easier.

Dr. Deborah Graham &  Jon Stabler

Co-Founders of GolfPsych / SportPsych

Here Are 8 Important Areas of Your Mental Game works to develop:

1/ Focus & Mental Pre-Shot Routine

2/ Abstract Thinking

3/ Emotion Management

4/ Dominance course management & game planning

5/ Tough Mindedness

6/ Confidence

7/ Self Sufficiency

8/ Optimum Arousal tension management

Want To Learn More?

Buy the Mental Skills Assessment & Report...

First, become aware of exactly what good mental skills for golf are! Just by filling out the Mental Game Skills Assessment and read your Report analysis, you have begun that process by answering questions rating skills that have been proven by GolfPsych to be statistically important to competitive golf. 

Dr. Deborah Graham &  Jon Stabler

Co-Founders of GolfPsych / SportPsych


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Hit More Greens & Fairways (in regulation)
Play More Competitively, Confidently, Completely, Consistently while hopefully scoring lower and winning more.
Maybe now you'll play with even more enjoyment.
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Ask yourself, "If Golf is 85% mental,
why focus ALL of your attention on technical stuff?

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