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The 4 Basic Refrigeration Components, plus a 5th

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Whether an Air Conditioning or... a Refrigeration application, the process is all the same. To lower the temperature of anything, a thermodynamic law remains true; we remove, or absorb a desired level of heat content, and then transfer that amount of heat content to a cooler area. More simply put; Heat transfers from HOT to COLD. The basic definition of refrigeration is this: "the process of removing heat from a place where it is objectionable, to a place it is unobjectionable." I know what you're thinking... "say huh? What the f&*k? I thought so at first as well. "Wait? You meant to say; "take the heat from here and put it over there. Yes?" But... engineers? ... Right....? Who knew being so anal would lead to being... well, cool? To accurately and consistently meet any cooling/refrigeration/environment to do so we will require assistance from both Mechanical and Electrical disciplines. We require 4 basic components: 1/ The Compressor 2/ The Condenser 3/ The Metering Device 4/ The Evaporator What would 4 Basics be without a 5th ? 5/ Special Applications and Special Components ... and so much more ... If you want to learn about making something cool, you have made a good decision. Watch, learn, laugh, and tell someone else about us. "No dude, I'm the coolest" hvac get the T-shirt, see the merch store until then... professor archer

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