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The 9 Principles of Self Management - the audio version


$9.99 plus taxes per episode




About the Course

Listen in to all 9 Principles from 1 to 9

Principle 1 - Performance ~ the key to success

Principle 2 - Expectations Dictate Performance

Principle 3 - Reinforcement Creates Habits

Principle 4 - Motivate Yourself, Other's Can't

Principle 5 - Maximize Return on Your Energy (ROE)

Princple 6 - Manage Effort

Principle 7 - Manage Self Confidence

Principle 8 - Commit Yourself

Principle 9 - Decide Once: Psychological Time Management

Your Instructor

David Archer

Former HVACR College Professor, Dave Archer, teaching degree/diploma/apprenticeship students in the province of Ontario - Canada, as well being a 24/7 HVACR Emergency Service Contractor, (12 years), talk's about losing his mind in the process... constantly revisiting how to keep it together in a world that has literally lost its phucking way!

I narrate this 10 episode audio production of the abridged version of the 9 psychological based Principles of Self Management - the key to personal and professional success, in an EduTaining way!

I help guide those looking for solutions to improve their performance in both their personal and professional lives. Yes, in Business. Starting a Business. In sales? Absolutely. Sports. Yes. Parenting. Teaching. Someone wanting to lose weight. Sure. Quitting smoking, maybe? Alcohol and Drug reduction.

Ummm, how do you suppose I ended up here?

Anyone looking to better perform while navigating the never ending stress and strain of being self employed, a gig worker, out there on your own, looking to survive, or you've graduated to leader, an entrepreneur, your revenue depends on your performance, no safety net, no community college learning accommodations, no mom and dad to go home to for a while... on your own in a demanding industry that never sleeps... but for sure, if you work for it... if you're well managed in the 9 areas we offer assistance in, baby... you know the revenue flows.

So get on top, or back on top.. of your performance, by listening to that coach in your head, that business and sports psychology guru, Dr. John C. Marshall Ph.D, his text, his learning's, narrated by me, Dave Archer

David Archer
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