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Pro Crastinator.... needs help

We're coming into the Fall of 2023, my 67th and boy did I take a hiatus from anything other than taking care of myself. I did very little since posting Episode 7 of my podcast, Sunday's At The Asylum.

But fear not, knowing it was time to get busy developing and generating revenue from my audio book sales of The 9 Principles of Self Management - the key to personal and professional success as co-authored by John C. Marshall, Ph.d. Behavioural Psychology, Sports and Business Performance Improvement Organization. The Self Management Group Inc. specialists in corporate Recruiting, Selection, Training, Coaching services.

Yes, a Back To School campaign is in the works, as is a just BEFORE Canadian Thanksgiving to mid New years January 2024... campaigns to purchase the audio copies

I'm thinking about offering a $5 million dollar bonus to the digital marketing company that can come up with and initiate a campaign that can sell 1 million downloads or more during a weekend campaign, launched individually as an authorized digital marketing company of Archer EduTainment Inc. anywhere in the world.

So.... lot's to do.

It's time to make some serious revenue and I need some serious gig workers to get me there. After we meet our objective and bonuses are sent out, lets talk about a team approach and sell the audio book past 100 million downloads this year, 2023. The team that helps me do this, will never have to work another day in their life. Ever.

But you will. With a whole new attitude.

To begin, initially... now until mid January 2024, I need the following assistance

1 - Executive Assistant, , 10 hours a week. entertainment/education background

2 - Writer - Background in journalism a plus. Research, story writer for the AE Blog, Podcast, Video Productions, Stand Up Comedy script, Key Note Talks, Movie, story ideas etc.

3 - Video Production crew (3?)- pre, post, and production, editing, final cuts

4 - digital marketing, seo geniuses

5 - podcast producer, writer, researcher, weekly production. of a 60 minute production

6 - comedy writer(s), for stand up / key note, reality TV, GGoES and his mother, Mother Nature.

7 - Accounting & Legal

Send your resume to me,

I'll get back to all that inquire.


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