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Remember teaching during covid?

Sometime you could hear the whimpers. If you weren't able to enter the on-line lecture for whatever reason or excuse, at the scheduled time, later that week - inclusive of the ummmm's, the but's, the hmmmmm's... the live breaks while forgetting to click "mic off", stop cussing so much... going to the bathroom, being dressed from the waist up only. Kids on people's laps, dogs barking, cats jumping.... geeeezus.... many would've rather be dry sodomized than be tracked and forced to remain engaged proving you were in attendance, with or without low band width...

with or without being accused of cheating on-line, and here's the proof, you all logged IN on the same computer, all without experiencing a complete mutiny. It was one shitty teaching performance after just another shitty, unbearable, god awful teaching performance after another. Over seen by an underfunded and cowardly public education system.

A captivated audience that the College's cared ZERO about. Oh, lip service was given. "We thank you for your service". It was a shit experience or, a typical acceptable level of mediocre delivery of the curriculum already lowest possible delivery standards, delivered by a someone equivalent to a talking fire hydrant. The teacher's Unions were silent on most to any of those matters, including personal expenses incurred to the home environment, ventilation rates, mask mandates, closeness to others.

No one was talking about the actual horrific delivery of their product as it would have raised costs possibly into the billions (world wide) experience. Not one dime was refunded to a student whom said the experience was horrible. No financial bonuses awarded for spectacular performances from those using their own after tax dollars to make the student on-line experience better than the acceptable level of lowest possible standards of delivery also known as: mediocre... to those of us who upgraded microphones for great sound, lighting, editing, while learning new production techniques, software programs / testing on-line productions in the development phase before posting learning video productions... (2 - 5 hour durations). The employer didn't allow a dime for extra expenses incurred saying claim $400/month, CRA will approve that... so we carried our EMPLOYER for a year before we would be reimbursed by the government, or OPSEU? or the Provincial College system?

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