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What's the Point of Community College in Ontario, Canada?


In the Province of Ontario, there are 24 Community College's offering an array of programs which, by design and as noted by the founding Premiere of the Community College system, William Davis, its to help prepare a student to get a job, or professional grooming to become hire-able and a responsible and accountable citizen of Canada.

The first college in Ontario, by 7 days, is Centennial College located near Hwy 401 and Markham Road, located in the old borough of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

"it's undeniably the worst run College I have ever taught at"

The current President, "CG", is as strong a female leader as a limp piece of over-boiled pasta. Sorry, what's that? "CG" is a he/him pronoun? Really? Ok. So I was right. He's a pussie.

The 3 stooges, the Dean of Engineering, and "her" 2 Chair person faculty members are the biggest bag of swamp scum I have ever met.

One stooge, Stooge A, is a "gas lighting wanker". Stooge B is one of the most abusive, outright demanding, swindling con-artist's I had ever met, and the last "One", Stooge C, is a total, disorganized, gutless coward.

And then there is OPSEU.

This incredibly corrupt Teachers Union is run by the socialist minded 2SLGBTQ social workers possy, ensuring "the gay mandates" are more than visible throughout the hallways, the classrooms, the labs, the common places so every one knows - ITS OK TO BE GAY... and that RESPECT, EVERYONE DESERVES IT (yawn), posters are also, everywhere.

As well, and the most important fact about OPSEU is, their incessant need to ruin the students learning experience, trash the Professor's ability to earn a much better living by delivering unforgettable learning experiences - at any cost - just as long as OPSEU's mandate is met;

1/ You have a 4 year degree to make the BIG money, and ...

2/ They overwhelming will to fight to the bitter end to ensure the absolute lowest possible standards of delivery of the education material are met.

In other words, great teachers leave, the pathetic ones, the desperate ones, the lazy ones, the ones with ZERO ambition and ability remain to teach... stay, and can never really be fired.

In short... from helping students to get a job, our Provincial Community College system has morphed into making sure Community College in Ontario is a memorable "gay" experience and that whatever experience you're going to have while on the road to acquiring your diploma is the absolute most MEDIOCRE of learning experiences - EVER.

And of course, if you're unhappy with any of this, just ask for your money back... a FULL refund.

Now test those theories of RESPECT, everyone deserves it, and when you do go for a job related interview and/or when you get a job... make sure you ask for your "accommodations" when the pressure begins to mount, like, paying your rent ON TIME, or being ON TIME for work matters, and not talking about how you're dealing with what pronoun you should use, how great was that Centennial Community College experience now ?


As a Community College Professor, you can't possibly fathom how disgusting and disappointing a career teaching a valuable skilled trade is in this Country truly is.

Centennial College's Engineering faculty should be investigated, the 3 stooges FIRED, the HRAC diploma and apprentice Coordinator immediately REMOVED - FIRED - Humiliated - and set on fire so he actually wakes up to knowing his reign of SOCIAL-INSANITY is over...

And that CBC Marketplace segment on cheaters in the HRAC business which aired Spring 2022 using one of the Sustainable Design Renewable Energy faculty professors as an expert witness was... hysterical.

W5 and or the Provincial Prosecutors office should be doing a follow up story on the "irony" of Centennial College telling audience viewers how to catch a cheating HVACR contractor, and how the College's and OPSEU allow professors, daily, to be put in HARMS WAY.

It would blow your mind.

Worst Community College in Ontario - Centennial College's Engineering Faculty... for sure.

Higher education? I think not. It's nothing more than a money grab by the province, and then lipstick and mirrors to complete the students journey.

Garbage IN - Garbage OUT

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