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Pictured on the left is... Dr. John C. Marshall Ph.D. Behavioural Psychologist, & the CEO/President of The Self Management Group Inc. (SMG), located in Toronto, Canada, and lead-author on the performance improvement text; "The Principles of Self Management - the key to personal and professional success."


And on the right? Your's truly, me, Dave Archer, the Top Banana at Archer and Purple Monkey Productions, we create unforgettable learning experiences.


I'm also the voice, the producer, the creator of this version of all 9 audio episodes for this performance improvement system, the 9 Principles of Self Management.


The attached 19 minute audio introduction (right from the text) of "The Principles of Self Management" is FREE and will explain all that you will receive if buying one or all of the 9 Principles of Self Management.


You can purchase individual episodes, each invidually priced @ $9.99. PLUS taxes OR, all 9 Principles, BUNDLED into a GIFT CARD option for only $59.00 INCLUDES taxes, or as currently shown, in the special GIFT CARD optioned price.


You own them, forever.


Just think, 24/7, you'll have access to excellent Ph.D. level proven Behavioural Psychological Sport / Business / Personal Performance Coaching Strategies that will help you to STAY ON track, get ON track, or to get BACK ON track with any of the 9 Principles of Self Management we speak of;


Principle 1 - Performance, The Key To Success,

Principle 2 - Expectations Dictate Performance

Principle 3 - Reinforcement Creates Habits

Principle 4 - Motivate Yourself, Other's Can't

Principle 5 - Maximize Return On Energy (ROE).

Principle 6 - Manage Effort

Principle 7 - Manage Self Confidence

Principle 8 - Commit yourself!

Principle 9 - Decide Once; Psychological Time Management


I wish you much success and enjoyment as you listen...


dave archer

Introduction to the 9 Principles of Self Management - 19 minutes

Excluding GST/HST
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