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Welcome to Principle 3: Reinforcement Creates Habits

(approximately 33 minutes in duration)


Well? How's your new years resolutions coming along?


Want to lose weight? Want to quit smoking? Want to quit drinking alcohol? Want better, healthier relationships? Want to improve your performance in a buisness that provides high return's for your effort, for your habits. A better teacher? A better Coach? Parent? Friend? In better physical shape. In a better place, financially? That's a lot of WANTS.


The question is, are you prepared to put in the required work to get over the cravings that keep calling you back to your old ways? Are you prepared to add change into your life that are for the better, or for worse? How do you reinforce your results?


Need some reinforcement? Listen to Principle 3.... it's a psychological based principle... over and over, until it helps you succeed in your goals.


This is the 3rd Principle and will be featured in our 3rd Month, March, in a segment of our podcast, Sundays At The Asylum; The Lost of The Self Managers where we'll learn how habits, both good and bad are reinforced. And once made aware of these thoughts and behaviours, by listening to this Principle, it will then be up to you to decide when and how you will make the change to be better self managed, and perform at your best.


Recorded from the 1999 text, co-authored by Dr. John C. Marshall, Ph.D., CEO of the Self Management Group Inc, The Principles of Self Management, the key to personal and professional success, is now, all 9 Principles, accessible 24/7 in 9 audio episodes, digitally reproduced in an abridged version, brought to life by me, Dave Archer, affectionately known as; "The Lost of The Self Managers", a former Community College Professor, Low Temp R&D Refrigeration Contractor, now The Top Banana at Archer EduTainment and Purple Monkey Productions where we create unforgettable learning experiences.


It's like having a top performance "heads coach", a Ph.D in behavioural, sports psychology you can listen in on, to hear about a specific part of your game you may need some valuable, trusted, and text book applicable performance coaching assistance.


Join the group, ask some questions with others... listen to the Podcast: "Sundays At The Asylum"... beginning March /23. "It's about the things that make us say... "that's insane".


After all, what are you waiting for, to slide safely into death?



Principle 3 - Reinforcement Creates Habits

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