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Welcome to Principle 5: Maximize Return on Your Energy (ROE)

(approximately 38 minutes in duration)


Ahhhh, in this Principle we open with, the secrets to happiness and to burnout. It's about 30 minutes in duration. Take it for a short walk, and listen, perhaps a few times.


This is the 5th Principle and is featured in our 5th Month, May, in a segment of our podcast, Sundays At The Asylum, called: The Lost of The Self Managers. I narrate and host this audio series and am fully aware of when I need to stay on trac, and when I can coast, and when I'm sliding and when I need to plug back into... The 9 Principles of Self Management - the key to personal and professional success.


Recorded from the 1999 text, by Dr John C. Marshall, Ph.D., The Principles of Self Management, the key to personal and professional success, now, all 9 Principles are accessible 24/7 in 9 audio episodes, digitally reproduced in an abridged version, brought to life by me, Dave Archer, affectionaetly known as "The Lost of The Self Managers", a former Community College Professor and Low Temp R&D Refrigeration Contractor, now The Top Banana at Archer Edutainment where we create unforgettable learning experiences has produced the audio productions in an Edu-Taining format. 


Come aboard and listen and learn. It's like having a top performance Ph.D behavioural, sports psych coach you can listen in on a specific part of your game that may need some valuable, positive attention.


Join the group, ask some questions... listen to Season 3 of the Podcast: "Sundays At The Asylum"... and the new segment to the show; "The Lost of the Self Managers", beginning March /23. It's about the things that make us say... "that's insane"



coaching those who dare to dream


Principle 5 - Maximize Return on Energy (ROE)

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