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Welcome to Principle 6: Manage Effort

(approximately 27 minutes in duration)


We nail it again with the deal about what we can and can't control, the performance equation; Performance = Results, where Performance is measured 3 ways:


Talent x Habits x Opportunity = Results


Whats our performance level vs our results when measured against the overall worth/value to our quality of life, and how we define quality?


This is the 6th Principle and is featured in our 6th Month, June, in a segment of our podcast, Sundays At The Asylum, called: The Lost of The Self Managers. I narrate and host this audio series and am fully aware of when I need to stay on trac, and when I can coast, and when I'm sliding. I leave you with questions to ask.


I record, narrate, host, and produce the 1999 text, by Dr. John C. Marshall, Ph.D., the CEO/President of the Self Management Group, the Principles of Self Management, the key to personal and professional success, now, all 9 Principles are accessible 24/7 in 9 audio episodes, digitally reproduced in an abridged version.


Come aboard and listen and learn. It's like having a top performance Ph.D behavioural, sports psych coach you can listen in on, to a specific part of your psycholgical performance game 24/7, anywhere in the solar system you can snag this signal.


Join the group, ask some questions... beginning March 05/23, Season 3 of "Sundays At The Asylum"... and a new segment to the show, "the Lost of the Self-Managers", it's about the things that make us say... "that's insane".




Principle 6 - Manage Effort

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