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Welcome to Principle 1 - Performance - the key to success.

(38 minutes in duration)


"You can't win them all unless you win the first"


From the 1999 text, The Principles of Self Management, the key to personal and professional success, as co-authored by Dr. John C. Marshall, Ph.D., business and sport Psychologist, the CEO/President of the Self Management Group Inc. wrote out a chronologically ordered list of Principles that top performers in their respective careers possess, mentally. 


Buy each of the 9 Principles right now, and right now you could begin the steps to better self management on audio to listen to, whenever you like. Like when you're out on a walk, a run, during an exercise ritual, during a drive? At your convenience.


Listen to performance improvement strategies from a top performing, licensed, Ph.D. behavioral Pyschologist - with a proven track record of helping Fortune 500 type companies Sales Teams hit record commission levels - athletes play their best - teachers teach better - coaches coach better, people become a better person, yes, its for everyone, inlcuding me.


I follow these Principles, most times, but asked SMG for their audio version. They didn't have one. So to get my very own copy of each principle on audio, for free (PERK) I decided I'd produce, host, and narrate the abridged version of this text from the 9 individual written Principles from 9 individual Chapters INTO 9 individual audio files anyone can purchase any episode they like, or check the Gift Card option for exclusive BUNDLED pricing to ALL 9 Principles at $57.00 including 13% sales tax OR, as posted ON-Sale / on-line. Best deal ever.


When we're notified of the gift card purchase, we'll send you the link to download all 9 episodes from our site. (Give us max 48 hours to do so right now)


Or when ever "Wix" perfects their bundle optional app. They're working on it. Until then each episode is valued @ $9.99 each.


Get ALL 9 Principles, each deal with a specific topic. Principle 1 - Performance, P2-Expectations, P3-Habits, P4-Motivation, P5-Energy/Happy/Sad, P6-Effort, P7-Confidence, P8-Commitment, P9-Decide


Thank you.



Principle 1 - Performance; the key to success

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