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From the mental Game Golf Profile, I read my results from taking their psychometric tool measuring the 8 competitive traits measured for optimum results playing golf at the Tour level....


Compared to a Tour Player, if measuring 6 out of 10 in Trait 5, Tough Mindedness, trust me, in 20 minutes or so* we can make you:

- a star Mini Putter,

- look and feel like a champion on any entry level golf course wearing shorts/jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops, or better attire,

- In the hunt at any corporate tournament,

- Vying for top placements at your Private Club event and/or Club Championship

- Retiring? Retired? Have money, motivation, currently a high handicapper, have good physical ability, we can prep you for the Seniors Tour. What a way to spend your retirement.


* 20 minutes or so*? (meaning... "some learn quicker than others, and others, it'll be an eternal obsession, many times appearing as a mirage, false hope to some?)

Trait 5 - Tough Mindedness - 20 Minutes or So* get the mental game

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