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Speaker, Lecturer, Comedian,
Writer, Actor, Promoter, TV Host

Part Time Super Hero...  (too much?)

skilfully combining learning with story telling and humour producing funny/fun dialogue, thought provoking  writings,  energetic behaviour, from a captivating comedic mind, with a raconteur style of delivery(yes there may, or may not be a test at the end... and yes someone else probably wrote this...)

this section is currently under development June 10, 2024, no, that's not Dave pictured below left,

but this is his envisioned audience. We're just adding a few areas for your consideration, selection, and booking.


Founder & CEO

I'm The Top Banana

hopefully you're smarter than me.

Allow me to take this opportunity to announce - if you'd like to join us/me, send us an intro and where you believe you'd be an asset, and the kind of business relationship you seek. kind regards


I'm currently asking for assistance to develop this comedy tour... 

make bookings, travel arrangements, a writer or co-writer of material for stand up, short stories, script, scene's, situations - for YouTube/TV/Movie development and some assistance with developing "Arch's Merch" by stocking the shop with great products to offer for on-line purchase. It's a busy place (my mind).

Want a Comedian?  An Emcee?  A Story Teller?

Arch's One Man Black Box Comedy Tour

"where exactly did I go wrong?" or select bits...

Maybe A Key-Note Speaker? - "Excuse me But, I have a dream to catch.

The Golf Talk - As The Host of a Golf Reality TV Show & "My Show" At "Q"School

... both a NO SHOW by the way...

As your event Emcee - Heart & Stroke Fundraising Event, Burlington G&CC

Energy Ad Campaign - The Great God of Energy Savings & his Mother, Mother Nature

Do You Wish for an Award Winning Skilled Trades College Professor of HVACR?

Promo-Demo Material - Testimonials - Scheduling - Bookings - Availability

(currently under development)

for more information, please be invited to contact us

Arch's One Man Black Box Comedy Tour 2024.001.jpeg

Could Be You?

Yes... Be Part of The Eh! Team (or all of it)

Vision, Soul, Passion for Taking something great and getting it into the hands/minds of others.

... watch and develop the on-line Merch-Store, help in the production of the Podcast, Video's, story development, finding products to sell, developing the on-line education for the skilled trade of HVACR, be the executive assistant to a great speaker/talker/lecturer/comedian writer with a great message that makes others laugh, learn from, makes sense to, and

I do enjoy developing and working with others who enjoy an

entrepreneurial - creative - stable and upbeat working environment.


Whichever talents you believe fit Archer Edutainments' business offerings, business model, please be invited to inquire.


As long as its moral, legal, and something or someone you'd have no problem recommending 'it" to, let's have a listen or, read of your proposal.

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Office Meeting
Behind the Scenes

Could Be You?

The "Eh!" Crew

The best of the best taking the approved script, and bringing it back for

POST to complete. And yes, you could be POST. And yes you could be... anything you'd like... just ask!

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Could Be You?

Writer, Talent, Producer, Director...

You love creating it, writing it, seeing it come alive.

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Working at home
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