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Geeezus... another UFO flying over North American skies this week ?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Before I begin, I wish to thank @ms.campbell.teach (found on instagram) for the use of her creative work to help me demonstrate to ya'll a little humour to match the goings on in our world - this past week.

Well? At a time in the world where mysterious balloon sightings have been detected by NORAD's early warning radar defence system floating aimlessly, to radio controlled gliding in the breeze some 40,000' or more above the earths surface, being shot down, smoked, destroyed by joint air forces of both the United States of America and Canada, we all pause for a little giggle...

And, ummmm, NO.... @ms.campbell.teach did not launch her baby out the window to float upwards into the skies above. It's just my twisted little mind pouncing on comedic timing.

But yes, Zzzzzzzz.... Zzzzzzzz, there are those who are quick to suggest, "but Arch, it could happen, you shouldn't joke about things like this."

Uh huh. Yup. You are correct. But, please focus on the fact... it didn't happen. It's just Comedy.

Enjoy your day...

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Arch... over and out

roger... roger

over over

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