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John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, resigns.

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Saturday, February 10, 2023

Well, well, well. As I heard the news Friday, Feb 09, 2023 that John Tory has resigned and is stepping down as Toronto's Mayor, he revealed he was having an intimate sexual affair with a member of his staff, a 31 year old... yes, female.

Early critics have been merciless. Kristyn Wong-Tam shame on you for your comments regarding this situation. Aside from this person and others like her/she/scumbag's et al, as the sun rises on a new day, many are suggesting he stay as our Mayor.

Which leads me to my opinion as to why Mayor John Tory decided to engage the ejector seat and bail from politics, ASAP.

First (and only) theory? An entrepreneurial mind with a proven track record of getting things accomplished, is NOT a long term fit for politics.

You'd become stupefied, frustrated, and basically dumbed-to-death working with the needy, whining, snivelling, bickering, dithering, pin headed, boring, socialist-social workers mind set.

It's an internal daily mental struggle to not pull out a flame thrower and vapourize the pathetic morons you look at each and every day. The fat person who saunters into the lunch room, day 4,682 of revealing their tuna fish salad saying their diet is coming along nicely. Geeeezus.

All I can think of is... the immediate stench of course, and then, the poor toilet seat. Third one this year.

But, for shits and giggles, here are just a few daily issues that need discussing every god damned day in this socialist people pleasing city.

Q/ "what do we do with the homeless?"

A/ Seriously? What do "we" do? About what? The people who don't have a job because those weak ass bleeding heart sucks in politics want taxpayers to continue paying into the tax base to support these fuck ups of society by just giving them money? Huh? What planet are you from? Planet NDP? Planet OPSEU?

"As a society, we can't be this heartless."

Ummm, well, if you have any issues with that, you get out there and take as many "homeless" people HOME with you and you house and feed them. Take from your weekly pay check, the money YOU feel compelled to house and feed them, do their laundry, clothe them, tuck them in at night, listen to their never ending excuses, deal with their lazy-ass issues, tell them you love and respect them and let us all know just how long you'll do that for.

Sorry? What's that? It would cost you a fortune and inconvenience you personally? In fact you'd go bankrupt. Ok... so, no more homeless issues, right?

Stop enabling them, stop asking me for money to help enable them, and off we go to the next issue.

This problem is now no longer a problem. It is solved.

Q/ "what do we do with our Hospital crisis?

A/ Crisis? You mean continue treating smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts, the obese, the obstinate, those with a false sense of entitlement with public funds because they seemingly can't stop being a financial burden on our health care system because we keep enabling them to behave poorly?

"Oh they can't help themselves?"

Really? Well, to those people who chronically return to the PUBLICLY FUNDED HEALTH CARE SYSTEM... for more hand outs for the same issues... are now refused PUBLIC HEALTH CARE SERVICES and are auto-flipped to a PRIVATE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM and MUST pay for their health care services In-Advance.

"But, but, I have no money and no way of paying for those services. I'm going to die"...

Yes. Next in line please.

"Please, I beg of you"

Yes, we hear that a lot. So, read the brochure... "to re-qualify for PUBLIC HEALTH CARE in Canada, you must have proven to have broken the bad habit's or addictions for at least 90 days."

So, we'll see you in 90 days.

"But I was given 30 days or less to live"

Ah. To bad you never learned to stop making YOUR PROBLEM everyone elses PROBLEM. Next in line please.

"You people are savages... I need help".

Yes, you do. Here's a cremation package. A litre of gasoline (Regular Octane), one match and you should have no problem knowing, as a chronic smoker, you're about to leave this world in a puff of smoke. Poetic justice, yes?

"Please, have a heart"

We do, and we reserve those for those whom, through no fault of their own, need one.

Security. Next in line please.

No more Health Care Crisis.. next item on today's agenda, please!

Q/ What do we do about crime in the city and gun laws?

A/ Well... we've said it before, outlaw guns, period. BUT, there are those who rally to keep them, and we catch them in the act, or afterwards, and then sections of government let the "perp's" out on bail.

And recently we see bail reform requested that "we" go easier on the Indigenous. So special they are everyone is afraid to upset our Indigenous. Until of course we have Police shot and killed by them.

And then we have nurses and police - on mass - quitting their jobs because they're burned out and kept at a minimum wage raise of 1.25% per year and the TAX PAYERS want TAXES LOWERED and, well... stupid is, as stupid does. Hmmmm, what to do with an extra $1,025.00 per year, spread over 52 weeks, less deductions. Wow. Thank you SOOOOooooooOOooooOOOOOOoooo much for your service.

So, gun laws and crimes committed by people carrying guns are no longer, so, once again, problem solved.

Next on the agenda. Hey... you idiots over there. Stop talking. Debate on your time. No more in council debate . Next item please.

Q/ What about the state of our roads in Toronto?

Councillor reads: "Pothole swallows up a fully loaded school bus filled with elementary school children - all 75 of them on a maximum 30 student capacity were reported to never be seen again."

Upset parents enraged at the thought of higher taxes but understand children sometimes need to be sacrificed for the greater good... some overly sensitive parents found shedding a liquid like, salty tasting substance from their eyes. Some parents, both eyes. Even sounds of whimpering. Grief counsellors were called in.

The problem was determined to be a single "orange pylon" (just one - 1), originally was placed downstream of the "huge gaping sink-hole, aka... pot-hole" alerting innocent drivers of the immediate hazard ahead of them...

... BUT now, TWO - 2 orange pylons have been placed before the sink holes. Problem solved says the left wing social group called: "keep our taxes low and stop the gravy train". Grieving parents have been quoted as saying; "finally we have a voice that fights for us as we get quick closure."

Silenced are the critics whom have been foolishly suggesting City of Toronto engineers be called out to asses and fix the sink-hole from re-occurring but, there's simply no money left in the budget as Homelessness and Health Care, Crime, and Job creation programs have continued to take precedence over the past 40 years of giving social assistance to all the bleeding heart, left wing social groups.


I think, I hope you get my drift.

What human being would ever run for public office in this socially driven city that has been heading to look and behave more like a 3rd world whose politicians govern and behave more like a bunch of gutless, confused, out-of-touch socialists who believe "money grows on trees".

If you really want problems to be fixed, first stop people pleasing. If you don't, you're part of the problem as you, out of the other side of your mouth suggest politicians lower taxes which lowers our financial resources to improve city provided services through tax payer funding, or, you won't vote for them.

A tad silly yes. Just as dear old mom and dad use to say at the grocery store, and around the Sunday night dinner table for sure; "we can't have what we can't afford". Yup. Tough lessons.

As for John Tory, sooner or later, at the age of... 68, he must have been taking stock of the worth of his life versus the amount of energy and effort he's putting out and what the results are on his returns when serving alongside some of the biggest idiots you've ever been forced to work with.

Consider the stress and all that goes with this position. One could literally die any day, and at any moment and for what? For the kinds of gratitude your enemies have no problem slagging you from the time you wake, to the time you go to sleep? No thanks.

Time to consider your financial position. John Tory? Money issues? Hah. He's worked hard and he's financially well off. Zero issues there if you just get up and quit..., and, forgive me, now to the other part of the.... indiscretion. Ahh hemmm hemmm. There is a young, vibrant, sexy, assistant staffer whom see's you going through the daily struggles of public office and, is attracted to you?

Oh boy. Perhaps more to the truth, concerned for you, respectful of you, and she/her/it starts falling for you? And one day... this sexy woman in her late 20's, over time has given you signals that she likes you and that maybe what you need is... some tender love and care that a woman you call your wife of... 40 years maybe, sadly, just can't do what a 20 something year-old, well educated, well mannered, witty, charming femme can? I know. Life is cruel. Life is unfair.

Perhaps you've had enough, or are having enough of it all. Yes, you just got re-elected to public office. But, ooops, maybe one night this young woman is out drinking with her friends and says to her close confidante, "I've been banging the mayor"... and as the saying goes, "lose lips sink ships"... it is leaked to the press, and within an hour of that leak, you are informed of this and now are faced with the call home to say, "honey, I need to talk with you. First, I love you, and I want you to know I love you more than anything in this world, our family, and all... and, well... I made a mistake and am asking, begging for your forgiveness."

Or, you have been thinking, enough is enough is enough of all this horse shit. Do I really need to do this? And the answer is... NO. It's time.

However it took place... my only theory, this one... is that it was this affair alone to be used as the major motivator, the reason, or excuse to truly say... ahhh - SCREW IT!

Just like any fighter jet pilot knows, when it's over... it's over.


To bring this to a close, it is my belief, just a guess, just a hunch... on Friday, February 09, 2023, Mayor John Tory simply had enough of the bullshit of Toronto city politics, had enough of the whining, the snivelling, the bickering, the pettiness, the cheapness, the trash talking socialist left wing agenda and triggered the ejector seat clearly marked in red lettering:


pull hard

Time to float safely home Mayor Tory. Yes... HOME. Now, after you land and the dust settles, you finish up some remaining items, not to leave them hanging, go live out the rest of your life after giving the City of Toronto, your family, the taxpayers, your associates and friends nothing short of your very damn best, each and every day.

And as for Kristyn Wong-Tam (NDP)... Heather Mallick (Toronto Star), and all slime like them, shame on all you people for your disgusting and uncalled for comments.

Can't wait until the tables are turned on you all. Those who live in glass houses....

The government needs MEN like you, they just can't keep great MEN like you.

Job well done SIR. Job, well done!

Hurray home, where you're needed, where you are loved.

You are forgiven.

Thank You for your undying, unwavering service.

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