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early detection promotes long term erection

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

My bucket list contains the task, "share your prostate cancer knowledge"

As a side affect of Prostate Cancer I find myself hypnotically staring at things that stand tall, erect if you will for a period of time greater than.... 10 seconds to possibly 5 modest minutes.

One day the makers of Cialis, Lily Pharmaceuticals, is going to knock on my door and ask me for catchy advertising story concepts... or the makers of "cock rings".... one day.

Why do I say this... you ask?

Upon closer inspection, you'll note "the entire length of the shaft" after several renovations, there are straps wrapping around the shaft at several strategic points to help maintain its stiffness, by choking it, especially when there's a wind strong enough to blow the shaft... out of position.

And of course, when erect like this, moisture naturally trickles down the shaft, or awaiting to be wicked away by whatever kind of wind is blowing. Here's my Prostate Cancer Public Service Announcement, my PSA on getting your PSA checked.....

"Early Detection Promotes Long Term Erection" It is a beautiful structure... and yes... I developed that slogan while I lay in the hospital recovering from a total prostatectomy, Feb 20, 2008. 15 years later. Alive and kicking. :) dave

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