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Happy New Year

Updated: Feb 4

Are you one of the billions of people making claims that you have changes to make to your life? The first change, no more drinking alcohol.

Change is hard, yes, but at the first sign of pain... you're out? You have to fight through what is commonly known as, the phenomena of cravings. And usually by the 3rd day, our cravings have taken over our minds, and our thinking, replacing our new - good thoughts with old thoughts telling us, start again tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes as you remain stuck in today, with your thinking... "fuck it"... start tomorrow.

If you truly wish to change a habit, consider purchasing at least Principle 3, in an mp3 audio file format of the 9 Principles of Self Management, and start understanding the psychological reasons and excuses you're heading back to old behaviours. Behaviours you swore were never gonna happen again. Yet... here you are, giving up. If you knew these bumps will continue for at least the first 90 to 120 days of any change, and were normal to have to fight old behaviours away, the fight is worth it.

Listen to at least Principle 3; Reinforcement Creates Habits. Get through your cravings... and start new and desirable habits. Pull yourself towards better self management. Find a job you love, you'll never work another day in your life.

Happy New Year and get better Self Managed. There's a good reason I host, narrate, and produced this text into audio. I needed to get back on track. So I listen to the audio version of one of, or any number of the 9 Principles of Self Management - the key to personal and professional success when I go for my daily exercise.

Here's to a happy new year and here's to helping with "change". It is difficult.


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