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“He who jealously guards his fears quietly yearns to bring them about.”

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Wow. I hadn't heard that one before.

But how true it is. Certainly within me its true. Certainly in the Fall of 2004, the week after Thanksgiving, when most golf courses were now closed for the season. I was awarded the role of "TV Host", of a new pilot series being filmed in Ontario, Canada for a Golf Reality TV concept called; "X-treme Golf TV"

8 Players. 4 Male. 4 Female. 6 Golf Courses. 6 Days. 7 nights. Under X-Treme Golf conditions no player would naturally endure (with the exception of present day distractions at Hole 16 Phoenix Open? )... winner take ALL: trophy, 1st winner of the X-Treme Golf Challenge. A weeks trip vacationing .... "around a fabulous place".... I was told to say.

Each day a player is eliminated from the competition. The winner stays in overnight luxurious, and pampering conditions while the remaining players stayed in extremely shocking and disturbing sleeping conditions. The motivation to win each day became obvious. It was insane. It was so much fun. This was my new life. Remain humble. But... for sure... live your life. Have fun. Be happy. This is what you have been quietly working towards. You have been blessed with this opportunity.

I began to think... Holy smokes... what if this show takes off, and I'm it's host, and evolved into co-creator, co-writer, co-talent scout & talent coordinator... In perpetuity... he said you'll forever receive shares from the shows revenues, including syndication and reruns... merchandise from characters and apparel I created for the show...; "The Wizard of Pause"....

The Producers and Show creators loved the shows success, production crews were enjoying it. "Early clips are showing great promise", and voiced their promises to me, and everyone assembled, in front of all show people, players, employees of the resort we stayed at for the Wrap party... on the dock and the roof of the boat house... that night....... a 7 night, 6 day shoot around central, to east, to south western, niagara-on-the-lake region... paid scale, whatever that meant... "I promise you Dave Archer, you helped shape this show more than you were asked and literally formed a fellowship amongst the players, and camera crews caught on camera... the audience will love what has transpired all because of you Dave.

And then the chant began... Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave!... and.. cut.

Driving home with a friend at the time, she said she couldn't have been happier for me. Wow. They loved what you did for their "golf show". I was thinking... Yes... I'm finally done with the skilled trades.... "he who jealously guards his fears, quietly yearns to bring them about".

I can now get paid really well to focus on my passions, my attention on my creative endeavors.

Writing, TV, Film, Story Telling, Comedy, Voice Over.... going through the throngs of a terrible divorce, a few failed attempts at new lines of businesses, in and out of HVACR to help support me financially. It was mayhem. I was burned out from a life as a 24/7 HVACR contractor. I wanted a new life. I was dreaming of financial freedom again, admiration from my children... their friends.... move to a lifestyle of finer things.... And it's not... "it will come true one day for you"... it's buddy, it's coming true, it's happening to you right now... what's the next project?

Golf was and I was sprinting towards it, while running away from this skilled trade I speak of; HVACR. Now, I'm actually writing mental game tactics for a golf magazine. And literally I was acting on stage in a theatrical production called; The Foursome. A golf comedy written by Canadian playwright, Norm Foster.

Geezus. I've been obsessed with anything but HVACR. Golf for sure. And return to playing golf at Private Clubs. Call the bank, reverse the sale of my home! Better yet. Let's buy a nice one for myself and my boys. Where's the next show going to be shot? "Ah sweetheart, stick with me, I'll have you fart'n through silk for the rest of your life."

3 week's later I received a call from an intoxicated Executive Producer slurring his words, saying I was.... "cut from the show", then laughed like a hyena, and said they'll use a voice over artist, and their preferred past host who was sick at the time - unannounced to me, will do it with cameo style shots. I'm fired? But you guys... See yah kid! Come by and pick up your cheque for $5,800.00... tomorrow. Ewwwww. All other expenses were picked up and paid for by them. So decent of them.

That was the Fall of 2004.

20 years later....

Fade IN...

And now, it's the Winter of 2023

Born Again is:


It's a Game of Self Management

Does Golf Drive You Mental?

Then get.... the mental game!

your host and facilitator

3 hour

6 hour

1 - 4 day tournament style

Hit More Fairways - Hit More Greens - Hit Lower Scores

Pre-Game / Pre-Shot Ritual / Post-Game

Special Workshop's Available For:

Ego-Deflation, Arrogance, Pompus-Ass-Know-It-All-Syndrome, Wanker-2-B-Cool in 3 hours, and more

I'm available for Key Note appearances

Dave Archer

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