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How to spot a reputable Contractor ?

The first few signs are very simple...

This photo was taken mid November 2023, somewhere in Toronto, Canada just outside the doors of an HVACR parts wholesale business.

I harp on this all the time. The blocked wind shield. Parts and crap strewn all over the cock-pit dash board and more than likely, anywhere in the interior, including left over food and coffee cups.

As a former HVACR mechanic for 3 well known Toronto Contractors, a few years as a National Accounts Sales Executive for one of Canada's best nationally located Mechanical Engineering Contractors, Beaver Engineering Ltd, then as a self employed HVACR Contractor for 12 years, and then as a College Professor teaching HVACR material to Diploma, Degree, and Apprenticeship students.... my success in reaching students to excell at their skilled craft was linking the technical and theory with the business side of what will make them (YOU) very successful financially in this business.

And one of those lessons for success lays deep within our approach and interactions with a potential or existing client directly, and indirectly.

Just by looking into the "cock-pit" of the dick-head who operates this vehicle has me saying the phrase... "when the taxi arrives, it's for you. Take out your personals, put them and YOU in the Taxi, after you have tossed our keys to our vehicle inside our vehicle and you have locked it. You are free to go. Thank you for your service, cheques in the mail.

Just ask yourself, as any customer might do that see's this vehicle in public and any company markings on it is perhaps thinking, is this someone organized and cost effective when working at my place? Is this someone caring for others? Is this someone who cares for themselves?

Truthfully, either this knob is self employed, or is on his way to becoming self-employed.

A once self employed contractor makes for a fabulous employee. They take care of their and other peoples things, inclusing customers, much better now. In fact, they may be a much better sub-contractor now than an employee.

Reputation IN business is designed to do just that; keep you IN business, not put you OUT of business.

Business... it should be simple.

Until next time.


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