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No Matter Who Wins Game 7 of the 2024 Stanley Cup final round, Edmonton or Florida, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be mentioned... and we thank you.

I'd post photo's / images of all 3 teams which include certain personnel from each team but... I'd be in violation of copyright so, I'll just write my thoughts.

Edmonton coming back from a 3 - 0 deficit in a best-of-7 FINAL round playoff game against the Florida Panthers coached by Paul Maurice has left the media journalists and broadcasters mentioning the last team to do so was.....

The 1942 Toronto Maple Leaf's beating Detroit Red Wings 4 - 3 in Game 7.

And of course Edmonton Oilers are a Canadian team and the last Canadian Hockey Team to do so was the 1993 Montreal Canadiens... Les Habitants eh! So in this situation the entire Hockey fan base in Canada is ready to quench its thirst for VICTORY.... but... no one is talking about The Montreal Canadiens, or comparing the come-from-behind down and counted out by almost 99% of the Hockey world that the Florida Panthers would be Victorious.

Yet, no matter if Edmonton Oilers OR the Florida Panthers win tonight, Paul Maurice, the current coach of the Florida Panthers was once the coach of The Toronto Maple Leafs.

And... many of the players on the Florida Panther's team are... Canadian.

BUT the overall message of this FINAL ROUND is.... NO TEAM has come back from a 3 - 0 deficit to defeat their competitor and win the Stanley Cup other than....

The 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club...

And it appears that this is the ONLY WAY The Toronto Maple Leafs will ever be mentioned in a Stanley Cup Final or as a Stanley Cup Winning Team... in the fore-see-able future so, sincerely, Toronto thanks the Edmonton Oilers and The Florida Panthers....

May the best Canadian Team win!

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