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The 23/24 Florida Panthers Prove Victorious in capturing the Holy Grail of Hockey, Lord Stanley's Cup. Congratulations!

Well? They did it. The Florida Panthers under the guidance of a classy, classy, and very grateful to his players, staff, the executives, head coach Paul Maurice announced during the immediate post win on-ice interview "dad, your name (the Maurice name - is going to be engraved, immortalized), on the Stanley Cup".

Paul Maurice, good on you, it was well deserved, well earned, in 7 games, you are "the man".

(and thank you to Elsa and Getty images for the use of the below photo found in the Toronto Star)

As I'm from Toronto, and no, please do not assume I'm a loyal and dysfunctional Toronto Maple Leaf fan, I'm not, BUT, as I have recently said; "the only time it appears the Toronto Maple Leafs will be synonymous with a Stanley Cup Victory is when a, "against All odds come from behind 3 - 0 deficit in a 7 game series, where victory was snatched by the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs team who beat the Detroit Red Wings 4 -3 in the 7th and final game, will be mentioned.

(and thank you to Dave Sandford / NHLi via Getty Images for the use of this photo also snapped when reading the morning Toronto Star paper)

To the Edmonton Oilers... you did not lose by lack of effort or lack of creating chances.

From my amateur observations only, it appeared "The Hockey Gods" simply decided it was not Edmonton's turn, just yet. It wasn't in the Stars, the Moon, the Sun, or even during a terrible Referee call that saw Matthew Tacheuk being assessed with a 2 minute penalty for tripping?? Huh? He clearly did not trip anyone. He lost an edge and fell, but, for those precious 2 minutes of an Edmonton man advantage, they could not slip one by the Florida Panthers goalie.... "Bob-Vrosky".

Which begged the question, how was the condition of the ice surface? I saw many players lose an edge and the puck seemed slow, sticky, not sliding true, and bouncy ??? Myself as a former Refrigeration Contractor... at that moment thought... "you know the contractors name and the attending technicians names should be on The Cup as well".

Just a thought, not a demand... just...a thought, perhaps an honourable mention, and the HVAC contractor taking care of the building temp and humidity. Again... just a thought.

Connor McDavid was awarded the MVP of the playoffs, and did not re-appear to accept the award... he was probably in the showers, or in the limo, headed to the airport, or talking with his Parents (perhaps being consoled - they were present in the stands), whichever... he did not reappear.

And, to quote a famous closing line, "it's all over but the crying."

And one other.... "to the victor goes the spoils."

Training camp starts in 2 months. And yes, The Leafs will be favoured to win the cup in October and officially the cycle formally begins again.

Until then... I bid you adieu with the final word going to one of the great Hockey God's, The Ghost of Hockey, Mr. King Clancy...

uh huh.... sure they will. blah blah blah blah blah..... :)

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