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Trudeau/Biden ORDER Canada/USA to shoot down a UFO 40,000' above Yukon air space!

Updated: May 6, 2023

Sunday, February 12, 2023

(reposted May 06, 2023, I offer both my personal and professional apology to, & PA Images, when using the F-35 image without proper authority. In that instance I was unaware of my actions, thank you for your guidance and course correction. dave)

Just 3 days before Valentines Day, the most romantic day of the year, our fearless feminist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, along with America's top man in charge, sleepy President Joe Biden, ordered the "bringing down" of an unidentified object cruising approximately 40,000' above the Yukon's air space.

Yes. Again. Another incident. I know, it's an insane situation.

This, just a week after an unmanned Chinese "weather balloon" was found to be wandering approximately 60,000' to 65,000' above the earth's surface over American and Canadian air space. It was ordered shot down by an F-22 as it floated off the east coast of the state of Virginia, USA.

Upon checking the wreckage of the downed "weather balloon" debris it was determined the Chinese "weather balloon" was in fact an "inflated spy vehicle" on a covert mission.

So this time, through NORAD's crack surveillance system, North American Aerospace Defence Command, detected this threat and ordered whatever it is up there to be shot down well before it had a chance to wander - however the winds are blowing - over both of our protected lands.

Both Canadian and American fighter jets were hastily dispatched to complete their mission.

Upon investigating the remains of the downed debris, this time members of the salvage crews determined the threat to be; "one of the oldest tricks in the book Sir!"

"The old electronic Flocking Chinese Barbecue Duck Trick".

Which lead to...

Oddly, in follow up reports it was noted, "an hour after these findings were made the investigating Canadian Army salvage crews were eerily hungry and requesting more plum sauce".

Say again?

Yes! You heard that right, more... plum sauce. Over!

Both the Canadian and American people wish to thank the quick thinking of Team:

Double J, Justin and Joe...

the new "bro's".

* I may not have the required copyright for use of, or reproduction of this specific photo above, The Double J's, but to whomever does; I'm grateful to share your work. I make no money from my posts. If you are offended by it's use, please send me an email and I'll remove it immediately. thank you... dave

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