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Welcome to Principle 7: Manage Self Confidence

(approximately 32 minutes in duration)



Yes, in this Principle we learn that our expectations determine our performance and that it's our self confidence that determines our expectations.


And you'll also hear some shocking discoveries about how we're taught, at an early age, to think about self-confidence and how to we should express it, in very unhealthy and mistaken ways.


Yet, without healthy levels of self confidence, not to be confused with arrogance, nothing gets intiated. Nothing gets done. And if you are a confident person, and working, living in happy and healthy environments we excell at what we do. We all know what happens to us when we are in unhealthy environments so no need to focus on those. I want an environment I can soar in. What about you?


We learn about building self confidence for self management, and techniques for building self confidence. From promoting the complimenter, silencing our inner critiques, the self confidence - continuum, learning how to accept compliments... graciously without unwittingly insulting the complimenter...  reporting - don't judge, we learn we need to deal with criticism - rejection in a healthy way, dealing with confrontation... developing self marketing tools... and finally, we learn for best performance, we keep an eye on our benchmarks.


Think about it... you now have a "heads coach", a top performance Ph.D behavioural, sports psych coach, available to listen in on, with respect to proven winning psycholgically based strategies that can be learned and applied into their daily performances, to keep them, and you, should you choose, to perform at your best, whether it be in your personal or professional life, 24/7, anywhere in the solar system you can snag this signal.


I record and produce the 1999 text, by Dr. John C. Marshall, Ph.D., The Principles of Self Management, the key to personal and professional success, now, all 9 Principles are accessible 24/7 in 9 audio episodes, digitally reproduced in an abridged version.


Take this for a walk in the park... and just listen, a few times. Join the group, ask others some questions...


Hey... you've got nothing to lose but your bad habits.




Principle 7 - Manage Self Confidence

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