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12c if Toronto, Canada Feb 09, 2024

February 09, 2024I'm a February baby, 02/24/1956 and I would typically be very used to a February Thaw taking place the last week of February... Today, this year, Torontonian's would be hard pressed to decide if its time to tuck away the snow blower, and fire up the lawn mower...The dark secret is... I know no Torontonian who has an issue with Climate Change right now. Bring on the Palm Trees baby! Listen to Season 4, Episode 1 of my podcast, "Sunday's At The Asylum"... things that make me say; "That's Insane!". Due out the last Sunday of February, this episode I talk about vacationing in Cuba, then I talk about Golf. "Does Golf Drive You Mental? Then... Get The Mental Game", where I dissect a Mental Game psychometric profile its findings from my results of filling out their on-line profile. This Episode I discuss Mental Trait #1, FOCUS. A key trait I, as an ADHD medal of merit winner" struggle with every shot. I am my own worst enemy when playing a competitive round of golf. And from a segment of the show I call; "The Lost of The Self Managers", I go into the Self Management Group's list of psychometric profile's when I need to decide if I have what it takes, or the natural personality for to be competitive when entering the high performance arena of commissioned Sales, and/or Self Employment? Are you a gig worker? You will want to listen to this. For example, first question asked by your job interviewer, "have you ever told a lie?"... Hmmm? How would you respond to that question? And... from our show sponsor's, I bring you more Energy Savings tips to help you reduce your energy consumption costs on any and all of your HVACR systems in and around your home and/or commercial office space from; "The Great God of Energy Savings, and his mother... Mother Nature".First tip; Heat Pumps.. what are they, how do they work, and will they work where I live?It's educational, its entertaining... it's Edutainment, from me, Dave Archer, The Top Banana at Archer EduTainment.www.ArcherEduTainment.comStay cool! ❤️Hey! Buy my audio book, "The 9 Principles of Self Management - the key to personal and professional success."

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