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Early Education. Saving "us" from ourselves starts early.

February 15, 2023. Teaching 101.

Before I begin, many thanks to @wholesome_motivation (found on instagram)

for the use of their video clip above....

Quality parenting 101. Enabling poor behaviour isn't an option for most normal thinking, responsible and accountable adult parents.

We all know, under this kind of adult supervision (as seen in the above visual clip taken by a fabulous mother and/or father in the above example), a responsible and accountable parent watches over their youngster to see just how far they'll get before the lesson truly begins.

Like, exactly when will the child realize it's time to turn around and come back home. And then have another talk about what it means to help stop someone you love from being their own worst enemy when it comes to their thinking and behaviour.

But, what if this early life lesson was to just... give into the child and give into their demands, just to avoid confrontation? What kind of person will they become?

Let's ask... the Canadian and Provincially - taxpayer funded - Public education sector. From Elementary, to Middle, to Secondary, and all the way to the Community College, and University levels system Leaders, Decision Makers, and Teacher's Union's (specifically OPSEU in the Province of Ontario, Canada) when controversy occurs in the taxpayer funded learning environment what are their policies.... and at what cost does everyone pay for those who can't make common sense decisions.

Better yet... let's not waste our breath.

We already know what will happen and we already see and feel the after shock of what happens if we don't.

The solution?

Just my opinion but if the decision were up to me, as a former Community College Professor of a skilled trade - in the diploma, degree, and apprenticeship HVAC+Refrigeration programs, I would have said to my close friend and colleague...

Hey.. KLINGER...

is M.A.S.H. being revived?... What the F*&k are you doing?

"this is a class-room, show some, more than the lowest possible standards as set by the teachers unions, & educational institutions"

Then calmly suggest... "You're causing a very disruptive situation to the learning process, you're pissing off the students in the class, in the entire school, you're being disrespectful to the learning/teaching profession... no one cares if you're "Trans", just dress more appropriately, professionally, respectfully, and stop drawing focus from the learning environment.

Or... step down and use your own funds, your own time lines, your own theatre space to bring attention to whatever "beef" you have with the PUBLICLY FUNDED EDUCATION SYSTEM and STOP embarrassing the rest of us.

But no. It's been determined it's "her rights" that will be violated.

Hmmmmm... is someone hiding behind synthetic shields and a ludicrous litany of pseudo-weapons used by the so-called Leaders of education in Canada? Does anyone feel as though you're being taken for a gigantic public fisting, an embarrassing ride for all involved directly and indirectly, to be sure.

Congrats, you made world headlines.

I bet there are so many schools right now, so very grateful this incident took place there, and not at their school.

"we don't know what to do"...

and if you shame us...

"there are hate speech laws we're going to

label you with and charge you with"

Oh Canada indeed.

educate early, never stop learning

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"Sundays At The Asylum"

it's about things that make us say....

"That's Insane"

Arch, over and out.

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