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Energy Savings... once again gone wrong... "just turn down the air conditioner a little bit"...


As a former HVACR certified/licensed mechanic/contractor/College Professor of the same discipline to diploma, degree, apprenticeship students, professional clientele in the domestic, commercial, institutional, industrial arena's, the entertainment industry, the research and development markets, pharmaceutical and beyond... if you want to save energy, or shave energy off your energy consumption while maintaining system operational efficiencies... its NOT turn DOWN the thermostat a little....NO... it's turn UP... the thermostat a little - (when in the Air Conditioning mode).

The number of times HVACR mechanics are summoned to calls for service due to the systems' thermostat set incorrectly is staggering.

Get it right

IN Cooling mode,

the average comfort setting of a thermostat is

@ 72f/22c

Fan ON/Auto*

for improved energy savings,


you turn the thermostat UP

begin @ 75f/24c

FAN ON/Auto*


* FAN placed in ON - constant operation mode - costs much more than FAN placed in Auto mode

For even more savings, perhaps look into purchasing oscillating fans? They draw a lot less electrical current than an air conditioning systems compressor and condenser fan motor costs to operate.

AND... if setting the "stat" at 75f/24c, or higher, the fans move the cooler conditioned air across your body, which at rest is 98.6f/37c . Recalling a law of thermodynamics, HEAT travels from HOT to COLD. So when air at 24c travels across your body at 37c, your body skin temperature, or heat level is reduced through perspiration, by removing/wicking moisture (humidity), and sensible heat away - making you FEEL cooler, or more comfortable. This is good.

Depending on what speed your fan is placed, it'll ultimately help you feel more or less comfortable quicker or over a longer period of time. See what settings work for you, your feelings, your budget.

My tip? Hire a professional HVACR person to help you with your actual strategic HVACR energy savings estimates and solutions.

From everyone in HVACR, to everyone else in the world.... for energy savings in the cooling seasons, it's turn your thermostat setting - UP or OFF, (OR - FAN / ON for improved comfort, OR - FAN / AUTO - for improved savings. And, yeah, yeah, yeah... of course consider improvements to your building envelope - window's, door's, gaskets, insulation etc etc etc).

Making these adjustments will require you to adjust your behaviours and get control of your emotions as well. At times, YOU may feel a little warmer... so... wear layers of clothing, or insulation. You'll adjust over a period of time.

You can't complain about the costs if YOU control the thermostat!

Make change, RISE UPWARDS, you will see the savings on your energy bills.

McConnell... you're forgiven.

As I age, not knowing if it's UP or DOWN kinda covers all areas of my life now.

Hope this tip helped


"No Dude, I'm the Coolest"

(Refrigeration/Air Conditioning)

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